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The 50th Anniversary of Studia Socjologiczne

In 2011, Studia Socjologiczne turned 50. The editors have prepared a special anniversary issue of the journal (no. 1, 2011) containing 28 texts selected from half a century of the journal’s publishing history. On March 23, 2011, editors and collaborators of Studia Socjologiczne met in Palac Staszica in Warsaw to celebrate the anniversary. After a welcome speech by the journal’s Editor in Chief, Jacek Wasilewski, Wlodzimierz Winclawski spoke about the circumstances in which the journal was originally founded in 1961. He pointed out the political pressures and entanglements concomitant with the journal’s emergence, but also emphasized the important integrative role of journal which attracted scholars representing different theoretical, ideological and political views.

The academics who edited Studia Socjologiczne in the early periods of its existence – Professor Jolanta Kulpinska and Professor Wladyslaw Markiewicz – also shared their memories and thoughts. Both emphasised that despite hard times, their work in Studia Socjologiczne was extremely satisfying, not least of which was due to the positive team spirit that reigned in the editorial office and the good atmosphere around the journal, which made all involved feel they were doing something important and useful.  

We invite all to look at the photos of the event and feel the warm festive atmosphere of the anniversary celebration.

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